The Golden Childhood Of Ones Life Is To Play & Learn, Not Work & Earn”

~DNRCA team

Today three Child Laborers were rescued in Margherita’s Jayanagar by the help of CHILD LINE, an NGO working for the welfare of children in the locality. The NGO workers team was accompanied by the Assam Police (Margherita Branch) and journalists to cover the incident. The Children were found working in a Motor Servicing Centre named “Aprupa The Car Spa”.

Aprupa The Car Spa had employed 3 children into the work of washing the Cars which is illegal according the existing Child Labor Acts in our Country. The NGO Child Line was reported about this mishap by sources for which they ran the RESCUE Operation today.

The owner of the Car Servicing Spa, Mr. Rajdeep Bhattacharya have been taken into account for employing the children into his service center. Further legal actions would be taken on the employer for violating the Child Labor Acts. When the news of minors working for the car spa reached CHILD LINE through the locals and other sources they immediately sent a group of their workers along with police officers to handle the situation.

Three of the children’s were claimed to be minor and were taken to Tinsukia CWC(Child Welfare Centre) for further investigation of their whereabouts.

Upon interrogating an executive present there, it was revealed that children were not abused physically but however children below the age of 18 are not supposed to be working into places like Garages, Industries, or Service Centers. She further said that more investigation would be done and taken care off upon arriving CWC.

The accuse who employed the children was issued FIR and is arrested for further investigation. The amount given to the children to get engaged in the manual work as well as the amount of time they have been engaged is still to be known after further investigation. The children are taken care of till the investigation is done and expected to be returned to their respective families once it’s over.