Lake County Coroner Jennifer Banek said Friday that an autopsy of a fifth man found dead in a Buffalo Grove home this week revealed that his death was the result of sharp force injuries following a “domestic-related incident.”

Authorities announced Thursday that four other people found in the home were classified as having similar deaths.

Buffalo Grove officials and the Lake County coroner’s office released little new information Friday about the death of 67-year-old Lilia Kislyak; Andrei Kislyak, 39; Vera Kislyak, 36; Vivian Kislyak, 6; and Emilia Kislyak, 4.

Banek said his remains had not yet been released to a funeral home and added that law enforcement had “liaised with relatives abroad.”

Authorities have not shared who they believe is responsible for the deaths, except that it is being investigated as a case of domestic violence. The family’s bodies were discovered at the Acacia Terrace home in Buffalo Grove after a co-worker of Vera Kislyak called the police to check on her well-being.

Banek said Friday that the scene of the house is clear and that further updates will come from the Buffalo Grove Police Department or the village. No briefing had been announced as of Friday evening.

Lake County court records show the family was facing foreclosure on their home and Vera and Andrei Kislyak were involved in an acrimonious divorce.

Records also show that Vera obtained an emergency order of protection against Andrei Kislyak on September 14 and was arrested by Buffalo Grove police on September 30 for violating that order. He posted a $5,000 bond, police records show, and was released from the Lake County jail with a next hearing on December 13.

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