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60-Floor Apartment Hotel Will Rise Above Miami's Downtown Nightclub

A new 63-story, mixed-use residential, commercial and apartment hotel building is coming to Miami WorldCenter.

PMG 11th Street Developers Group LLC plans a condo hotel at 20 NE 11th St. with 427 units and approximately 42,000 square feet of commercial space.

The project, E11EVEN Hotel & Residences, was recommended for approval by the city’s Urban Development Review Board.

Miami WorldCenter is a large mixed-use development under construction led by principals Arthur Falcone and Nitin Motwani, spanning several blocks in the Park West neighborhood.

Attorney Xavier F., representing the developer. Avino said the property is within the T6-60A-O transect area of ​​the City of Miami. The immediate surrounding context is mainly characterized by commercial and major recreational uses.

“The proposed project will complement this urban neighborhood through the introduction of a more robust residential base in addition to a unique mix of hotel, commercial and retail uses within the building that will serve residents and visitors alike.

“The proposed project will reinforce the dense, mixed-use and walkable nature of Downtown Miami in furtherance of the goals of Miami 21 (zoning),” Mr. Avino wrote.
He said the project required two warrants or special permits.

A warrant is required for any new construction within Miami WorldCenter.

“As explained in more detail on the plans, a very small section along the southern boundary of the property is covered by the Miami WorldCenter overlay. Therefore, a warrant is required for the project’s new construction,” Mr. Avino wrote.

Also, micro housing units are permitted by process of warrants within T6 transects where a project is within TOD (Transit Oriented Development) area.

“The Project is located within a TOD area and … the Project currently consists of 174 micro-housing units. The proposed micro-housing units will increase density within Miami’s urban core and improve access to transit in furtherance of the goals and intent of Miami 21.” Will improve,” he wrote.

The developer is requesting a waiver from Miami 21, including allowing:

■ Permitted lot coverage increased by 10%, from 80% to 88%.

■ Major setback above 8th story reduced by 10%, and side setback above 8th story.

■ One commercial loading berth was replaced with two residential loading berths.

■ Off-site parking.

■Landscaped open space.

■Reduce the width of the drive aisle by 10%.

■ Up to 30% reduction in required parking.

■Vehicle entries on the main façade.

The project has a pool and bar area, two restaurants and a ballroom. There is also a gym and spa and over 400 bicycle spaces.

The development site is across the street from the E11EVEN nightclub. The Board was informed that the partners in the club are involved in this condo hotel project.

Board member Anthony Zamatzis commended the development team, including Cigar Suárez Architects.

“Well executed architecture, as always,” he said.

Mr Tzmatzis called it “a very interesting building, well articulated”.

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