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County reverses decision to build new waste plant at old Doral site

Doral-area residents in white shirts filled the front and middle seats of the Miami-Dade County Commission Chamber on Tuesday to ask how the county planned to deal with the Doral solid waste plant fire, which started Super Bowl Sunday and smoldering for more than a week, the commissioner rescinded a decision to build a new solid waste plant at the same location.

Former Doral mayor and now county commissioner Juan Carlos Bermudez introduced the resolution:

■ Revoke the decision taken last July to create a new facility on the same basis.

■ Authorize the County Mayor to explore other potential sites for the facility.

■ Explore alternative techniques for solid waste disposal without incinerators.

■ Ask Mayor Daniela Levine Cava to provide a new report within 90 days.

After some debate, his motion was passed unanimously.

The crowd held signs, but Speaker Oliver G. Gilbert III forbade them to wave and the orderly crowd complied.

After the first speaker came on stage to tell the commission how the fire and smoke from Covanta’s burning plant had harmed his health, the audience applauded. Mr. Gilbert told the group that clapping was not allowed.

Smiling widely and raising his hands above his head, Mr. Gilbert waved his hands back and forth and instructed the crowd, “That’s how you show approval.” Again, the orderly group complied.

More than a dozen Doral-area residents took their turn to express concern about both the long-term health effects of the incident and how the commission is going to fix it.

The youngest was a 13-year-old girl who, along with her mother, reported developing a skin rash weeks after the fire. He still has it, his mother said.

Several high school students were calling on the commissioners for action, as well as senior citizens who had resurrected their pandemic masks.

It was not the first fire at the facility, one of the few incinerator-based solid-waste disposal systems left nationwide. Last July the commission voted to build a new facility at the same location.

It was clear that the participants wanted the new facility to rise elsewhere. This included Mr. Bermudez, who lives within a half-mile of the plant.

“There are other sites,” Mr. Bermudez said, “even in the 12th district, that would be more appropriate.”

Miami-Dade’s commissioners are seeking a recycling goal of 100% and earlier this year presented a proposal to Mayor Levin Cava to advance strategies to achieve that goal with the South Florida Regional Planning Council (SFRPC) Passed it.

With two Miami-Dade recycling contracts expiring March 31 and the site for a new processing plant and incinerator a burning issue for the old 1980s plant, the February 7 resolution urged the mayor to focus on solid waste-related strategies and Instructed to cooperate with SFRPC on the plans. management.

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