On 15 September 2021, the new SOP has been announced regarding Durga puja and upcoming festivals. The Assam Health Minister has announced the SOP to be followed for he celebration of upcoming festivals.

The SOP focuses on the importance of vaccination and bans any kind of fair either within the premises or standalone including any kind of cultural activity.

The SOP issued includes the following information-

• All Puja Committee Member will have to submit Proof of Vaccination (1 dose compulsory). While Taking permission for organizing festivals from Deputy commissioner.

• Puja Mandaps have to be орen on all sides and spacious and social distance is mandatory. All Mandaps should have separate entry and exits.

• On various day of Puja the members of the committee who are associated with Puja will be tested for covid-19. Further they will be again tested after Dashami i.e. the tenth day.

• On Visarjan day the DCs of the respective districts will notify the Puja committe. No gathering allowed.

• Curfew will remain in force from 9 pm until further notice. Further, the Puja rituals should be completed in the stipulated time frame.

• The statues should not be too large and no cultural programmes will be allowed. Citizens below 18 years are exempted from these protocols.