You bought new glasses, screamed at the dentist, and stocked up on over-the-counter medications. but if you still have money Flexible Spending Account (FSA)You’d better spend your pre-tax FSA funds quickly before they disappear.

That’s why we’ve put together a quick and easy list of products available in FSA StoreOffers that offer over 4,000 FSA eligible items.

If you’re not exactly sure what an FSA is and why it’s important where you spend your pretax dollars, we’ve got you covered with a quick guide.

a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) It is offered through many employer benefit plans and allows you to set aside pre-tax money for out-of-pocket expenses related to qualified health care for you, your spouse and dependents.

With every paycheck you receive, a certain amount is set aside before taxes. This pretax money is for FSA spending, and is to be used on qualified health care expenses throughout the year. While the specific amount varies based on your tax bracket, there are Calculators are available to help you estimate your savings amount,

Most FSA participants are part of “use it or lose it” plan, which states that all remaining funds in your account by the end of the year must be forfeited. Unused funds remaining in your account cannot be paid to you in any other way, and you cannot transfer funds to another FSA. Hence it is important to keep in mind the cutoff date of 31st December every year.

The good news is that many employers give you a grace period of up to two and a half months into the new year to access the money, giving you until March 15 to spend it. But you’ll want to check with your employer, as the grace period may be shorter.

Common purchases include everyday health care products such as bandages, thermometers, and eyeglasses. Everything from medical expenses not covered by a health plan (such as deductibles and co-pays for dependent day care) to over-the-counter medication may also qualify.

the downside is that The specifics of what you can spend your FSA funds on depend on the plan your employer has., reverse? You can skip extensive research by shopping at FSA Store,

So rather than watch that hard-earned money go to waste, we’ve rounded up over 35 FSA-eligible expenses at The FSA Store.

Aura Revive Heated Deep Muscle Pain Relief Device

Take out those kinks, whether they’re from hours spent behind the computer, an extra-tough workout or just everyday, with this heated pain relief tool, which comes with multiple attachments to really target your pain points. Be from wear and tear.

Sharper Image Calming Heat Massaging Weighted Heating Pad

Fan of weighted blankets? It’s weighted heating pad time. This 4-pound model offers heat therapy and massage features and comes in six settings (three heat, three massage) or 12 settings (three heat, nine massage).

Pharma-C-Wipes 70% Isopropyl Alcohol First Aid Wipes

Help prevent the risk of infection in minor cuts and scrapes with these 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes.

Band-Aid Flexible Fabric Adhesive Bandage, Assorted Sizes

Band-Aid Flexible Fabric Adhesive Bandage, Assorted Sizes

Stock your medicine cabinet essentials with this 100-pack of Band-Aids for less than $9.

Mighty Patch Invisible+

Fight acne even during the day with this invisible, non-drying day patch that protects for faster healing.

You By Kotex Click Compact Tampons, Super Absorbent

Use your FSA dollars to stock up on tampons with this box by Kotex, available in 32-counts from the U.S.

The Honey Pot Everyday Herbal Pantyliners

These certified organic cotton pantyliners are lightweight and infused with essential oils.

Supergoop! body butter spf 40

Supergoop!  body butter spf 40

This broad-spectrum SPF 40 lotion protects your skin from the sun while moisturizing it at the same time.

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Aquaphor Healing Ointment Jar, 14-Ounce

This non-greasy and soothing ointment from Aquaphor helps treat and protect dry skin.

The Doctors Nightguard Advanced Comfort Dental Protector

There are many people who grind their teeth at night. But with many mouthguards being so expensive, this one helps you protect your teeth for less than $25.

Neosporin Plus Pain Relief, Maximum Strength Antibiotic Ointment

It’s always good to have some Neosporin on hand to help prevent infection and heal your cuts and scrapes faster.

23andMe Healthcare

23andMe Healthcare

Learn more about your family history with this at-home DNA testing kit from 23andMe.

Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment

This oil-free acne spot treatment acts fast and is suitable for normal, oily and combination skin.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash with Salicylic Acid, 9-Ounce

Improve your daily facial routine with this dermatologist-recommended acne wash from Neutrogena.

Theraband Pain Relief Foot Roller

Theraband Pain Relief Foot Roller

Massage your feet at night with this tiny roller designed to stretch the plantar fascia and soothe tired, achy feet. Want Extra Relief? Keep it in the freezer for cooling pain relief.

Biofreeze Pain Relief Roll-On

This roll-ball massager gives you cold therapy pain relief to help ease those sore muscles.

care mill travel first aid kit

There are 35 items in this kit, including bandages, an ice pack, safety pins, small scissors, and more.

Johnson & Johnson Red Cross All-Purpose First Aid Kit

Johnson & Johnson Red Cross All-Purpose First Aid Kit

If you need a larger first aid kit, check out this one from Johnson & Johnson Red Cross, which holds 160 items.

Sejoy Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Check your temperature quickly and accurately with this infrared no-contact thermometer. With readings in just three seconds and the ability to store up to 10 previous readings, this thermometer is handy to keep by your side.

caring mill pulse oximeter

A portable, lightweight way to measure your oxygen and pulse.

Kanjo Acupressure Back Pain Relief Cushion

Sitting in front of a computer all day may not be the best thing for your back. If you need some pain relief, try this acupressure cushion from Kanjo.

Ultimate Foot Circulator with Remote

This device uses electrical muscle stimulation to help relax stiff muscles, increase blood circulation, and reduce swollen feet and ankles.

Valley Brewery Badge Colorwash Assorted Flex Fabric Bandages, 48-Count

Valley Brewery Badge Colorwash Assorted Flex Fabric Bandages, 48-Count

These premium, flexible bandages protect your small cuts and scrapes, plus they come in bold tie-dye patterns and colors.

Supergoop! Handscreen, SPF 40

Supergoop!  Handscreen, SPF 40

Protect and hydrate dry hands with this SPF 40 moisturizing cream.

Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler

When cold and flu season hits, it gets tough. So be prepared with this handy nasal inhaler to help ease congestion, dryness, and other symptoms.

KT Tape Performance+ Blister Prevention Patch

new shoes? No problem! Whether you’re breaking in a new pair of cross-trainers or stilettos, these synthetic strips help keep blisters and sores at bay.

Dagama DuoSmart Ear and Forehead Thermometer

Dagama DuoSmart Ear and Forehead Thermometer

This app-enabled thermometer can measure through either your ear or your forehead, with nearly instantaneous results.

Clear Ears Otto-Tip Soft Spiral Earwax Cleaner

Developed by the Stanford Biodesign Program, this handheld device is safe for ages 3 and up and gently cleans the ears, eliminating the need for cotton swabs.

Seat Pump Back Pump Elliptical Back Rocker, Model 2000

Help relieve back pain and discomfort with this gadget that uses a dual inflation mechanism to lift, stretch and isolate the joints in your spine.

MyPurMist Free Cordless Ultrapure Steam Inhaler

This cordless steam inhaler can help ease the symptoms of the common cold, including congestion, sinus infections, and more. The handheld device diffuses steam into your nose, throat, and mouth for instant relief, plus a medical-grade HEPA filter ensures the steam is germ-free, allergen-free, and contaminant-free.

Supergoop!  Overlook Sunscreen, SPF 40

This completely invisible sunscreen will protect you from the harmful rays of the sun without leaving white streaks on your skin.

Sun Bum Tinted Lip Balm, SPF 15

Get subtle color with sun protection when you swipe on this moisturizing, water-resistant, paraben-free tinted lip balm.

Revive Light Therapy Spot Portable Acne Treatment

Treat any acne outbreak with this non-invasive battery and USB-powered device. Choose from six medical-grade LED lights to help prevent or soothe acne. Bonus: It’s portable, so add it to your suitcase for a treat on the go.

Caring Mill 8 Second Easy Read Premium Digital Thermometer

This easy-to-use digital thermometer gives you a measurement in just eight seconds.

Bausch & Lomb BioTrue Multipurpose Solution

Bausch & Lomb BioTrue Multipurpose Solution

Contact lens wearers: Stock up on this lubricating solution that will keep your eyes moist and healthy.

Caring Mille Lower Back Moist/Dry Heat Heating Pad

Soothe and soothe sore muscles with this heating pad from Caring Mill, which comes with four heat settings and moist/dry heat application.

dpl oral care light therapy system

The DPL Oral Care Light Therapy System uses infrared blue and red light to help reduce conditions such as bleeding gums and swelling, gingivitis, halitosis, erosion and cold sores.

Chirp Wheels+ 3-Pack

Stretch your spine with these chip wheels. With three different height options, you can stretch, massage, or target knots.

Aura Revroll Vibrating + Heated Foam Roller

And for the rest of your body, use this vibrating foam roller to relieve stiffness and help your muscles recover faster.

Theraflu Night Time Severe Cold & Cough Powder

Theraflu Night Time Severe Cold & Cough Powder

Stay on top of cold and flu season by adopting this TheraFlu Severe Cold & Cough Powder, which relieves symptoms with the help of honey lemon, white tea and chamomile flavors.

bug bite

Perfect for hiking, camping or for those who are constantly being eaten by insects, this gadget Can help provide some relief and help keep you from itching for hours.

Kanjo Epsom Salt

When the time calls for a soothing soak, grab these Epsom salts to add even more healing to your self-care ritual.

iMac Eye Pillow

Completely blacked out and need uninterrupted sleep? Take this IMAK Weighted Compression Eye Pillow, which is also freezer safe and washable.

Kanjo Memory Acupressure Mat Set with Pillow

Want to reduce the strain on your neck and back? Try this acupressure mat set for at-home relief.

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