From cotcore To athleisure, it is clear that giving up comfort is not a prerequisite for adopting the latest fashion trends. And while Gorpkor isn’t entirely new, its embrace of baggy silhouettes, color, and practicality are all components we can always get behind. In addition, the abundance of Puff Reasons enough to incorporate some elements of this trend into your wardrobe this winter. Ahead, stylists break down the trend, explain why it’s so popular and pick some of their favorite pieces.

“Gorpkor is essentially traditionally functional and utilitarian outerwear,” explains the stylist and creative director. Todd Johnson, Think hiking boots, fleece and cargo pants – the list goes on. While these pieces are typically made for specific technical purposes, Gorpcore is all about wearing them in a stylish, more everyday way. “I feel like gorpacore is a more relaxed, colorful and less serious relative of techwear,” explains the Brooklyn-based stylist. Megan Wilson“As well as being a more practical and outdoorsy version of the Normacore.”

As for the beauty components of the trend, “color stories are either earthy, nature-inspired and tonal (chestnut browns, burnt oranges and charcoal greys) or bright, bold and easy to spot,” explains Wilson. “The silhouettes are often a bit looser and baggier than techwear, so it’s easier to layer pieces,” she adds, “and the pants are often wide with lots of pockets or whimsical details, or sometimes —sometimes thin for ease of tucking into shoes.” Johnson noted that overall, it’s “a very clean, effortless look.”

The “gorp” part of the word gorpkor refers to “good ol’ raisins and peanuts”—an acronym used by hikers and outdoorsmen to refer to the trail mix. However, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that energizing snacks aren’t usually a component of this fashion trend. celebrity stylist shalev reaper describes gorpcore as “the trend for people who are rarely active outdoors but still want to wear practical and functional hiking gear,” which are often “mixed with more stylish designer items ” And while these functional and utilitarian outdoor-wear brands have been around for decades, the mainstream use of these pieces in streetwear is still a recent phenomenon.

So why is gorpkor so appealing to so many people? “I think the functionality combined with the desire to look cool and comfortable is what makes it popular,” Johnson explains. “There’s an air of unattainability that I think draws a lot of the fashion crowd,” he shares, especially since “a lot of these gorpcore staple pieces can be associated with activities that are considered taboo in society, like skiing.” Considered as ‘rich people’ activities’ and recreational hiking.

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On the other hand, the trend’s reach is also what Wilson points out is what attracted it to a more mainstream audience. “The pieces can often be used at outlets, or worn for life, as they are often less trendy,” she says. “I consider gorpakor to be a version of investment dressing without the huge down payments like some of the trends,” Wilson explains. “Since so many items are relatively timeless and often practical—even if you eventually become less gorpkor-centric—you’ll probably always keep a stash for chilly nights.”

There is also an element of escapism that appeals to many, as fashion trends often do. “There’s something effortless about being dressed for the elements even in everyday clothing and fostering a sense of adventure without actually going off-road,” says Wilson. “Gorpcore can also give the wearer a sense of transportation—like you can hike the Catskills in your outfit but for now Prospect Park is fine,” she explains.

Lavàn credits the pandemic as part of the trend’s rise in popularity. “When our social lives were taken more outdoors,” he explains, gorpor fashion “became a practical yet stylish way for people to meet and congregate.”

Gorpcore Jacket & Top

at $600 arcteryx

Arcteryx Beta AR Jacket Product Card CNNU.jpg


“I spent hours researching perfect gore-tex shell jacket And I ended up going with it because I found it to be the most versatile – technically minded but still lightweight,” explains Wilson. “I wear them at least a few times a week, no matter what the weather,” she says. “Nothing screams gorpcore like Arcteryx,” Johnson explains. He describes this jacket as light and comfortable, and notes that the Gore-Tex material “works its magic in the rain.”

at $229 patagonia

Patagonia Men's Classic Retro-X Fleece Jacket Product Card CNNU.jpg


Johnson calls this a classic outdoor staple piece. “You should have at least one Patagonia in your rotation,” he shares.

at $270 snow peak

Snow Peak fleece fleece vest product card CNNU.jpg

snow peak

Vests are essential for layering, and this pullover Shetland wool option is effortlessly chic and totally practical. It’s designed to be oversized, so you can even wear it over thicker shirts and sweaters when the weather gets really chilly.

at $2,700 Gucci

The North Face x Gucci Down Jacket product card CNNU.jpg

the North Face

LaVan describes this piece as pioneering when it comes to the intersection of fashion and gorpocore. A classic down puffer jacket, the bright orange color is classic gorpkor.

at $320 the North Face

Women's 1996 Retro Naptse Jacket

“This bubble jacket is a great example of gorpor because it’s classic and iconic,” explains Wilson. Its boxy cut makes for an effortlessly layered look, while the ripstop fabric and coating are a practical touch. “The jacket comes in lots of color-blocked iterations,” she says, “but personally I love the Cone Orange-Lapis Blue-Ponderosa Green colorway that feels retro but current.”

at $129 patagonia

Patagonia Men's Microdini 1:2-Zip Wool Sweater Product Card CNNU.jpg


Half-zip and anorak-style jackets are a mainstay for sustainable-minded brands like Patagonia, Wilson, and this option is one of their favorites. “It’s made with more eco-friendly materials like recycled polyester and nylon, and fair trade credits are stitched.”

at $600 goldwyn

Goldwyn Gore-Tex Infinium Puffy Coat Product Card CNNU.jpg


This delightfully oversized puffer from quintessential gorpcore brand Goldwyn is made from recycled marine plastic waste, which is used as an insulation material in the coat. This material enables the jacket to maintain heat-retention even when wet.

at $200 arcteryx

Arcteryx Covert Hoodie Product Card CNNU.jpg


Made from 100% recycled polyester, this midweight fleece is warm, soft, and great for layering. “I love that Gorpkor items are practical and can often be worn for years,” explains Wilson. “They often have some resale value as well,” she adds. some brands, like the arcticThere are even programs that help you repair, resell, and upcycle the pieces.

at $990 Zappos

Vetements iconic logo raincoat product card CNNU.jpg


Lavan recommends this sleek raincoat from Vetements, which he says symbolizes Gorpokor. It features inside and outside pockets in addition to a super practical drawstring hood and button-up closure.

at $2,760 Moncler

Moncler Penygarder denim down jacket product card CNNU.jpg


“This is the most beautiful collaboration between Moncler x JW-Andersen,” shares Lavàn. Made from a soft denim material, this jacket definitely leans a bit more towards fashion than function. But the sheepskin collar, straps, and chic construction give it a gorgeously unique nod to the gorycore trend.

at $189 patagonia

Patagonia Women's Wife Hooded Vest Product Card CNNU.jpg


One of Wilson’s favorite parts of the gorecore trend is that the pieces are often made with materials and practices that are better for the planet. Many of the trend’s premiere brands even “have sustainability built into their company ethos — like Patagonia,” she says. This vest is a perfect example, it is made from 100% recycled materials.

at $205 sense

Nike Khaki ACG Smith Summit Cargo Trouser Product Card CNNU.jpg


“Cargo pants are a staple of any gorpcore fit, and these ACG trousers are a perfect example,” says Wilson. “I love the mix of Cordura nylon canvas, olive tones and contrast stitching for pants that are practical but still make a statement.”

$100 at $49 huckberry

Zorali Recycled Mountain Small Product Card CNNU.jpg


These shorts are made from a recycled nylon material that is both lightweight and stylish. They sport handy features like a key loop and adjustable webbing belt, and the golden-yellow beehive shade is classic gorpkor.

at $400 marmot

Marmot Women's Orion Gore-Tex Pant Product Card CNNU.jpg


According to all of our experts, Gore-Tex and other weather-resistant or weather-proof shell materials are essential components of Gorpcore. These high-performance, waterproof ski pants come in a bold copper color that will pop on the slopes and in town.

at $316 kozaburo

Snow peak × Kozaburo 2L octa pant product card CNNU.jpg

snow peak

This collaboration between classic gorecore brand Snowpeak and Japanese menswear brand Kozaburo is a perfect fusion of fashion and function.

at $310 snow peak

Takibi canvas pants product card CNNU.jpg

snow peak

Made from canvas and treated with flame-retardant acrylic, these classic workwear pants are sturdy, functional, and very on-trend. The oversized look and loose fit, with tons of pockets make these pants the perfect way to incorporate gorpkor into any relaxed street style outfit.

Gorpcore Shoes & Accessories

at $300 asolo

Asolo Runaway GTX Product Card CNNU.jpg


One of Johnson’s personal favorite Gorpcore shoes, he describes these as “a late 2000s must-have”. Fortunately, the design, comfort, and durability make this a timeless option that’s equally well suited for trekking and light hikes around town.

at $90 snow peak

Snow Peak Mountain of the Moods Fleece 2way Cap Product Card CNNU.jpg

snow peak

Low-brim hats are a Gorpor staple and it’s the Fleece Cap Sports Ear Warmers we’re totally obsessed with.

at $190 salomon

            Salomon XT-6 Unisex Sportstyle Shoes Product Card CNNU.jpg


“These are an essential gorpkor shoe,” shares Johnson. “Extremely versatile and great for dodging the NYC rats.”

at $255 mr porter

Mister Porter Indispensable Logo-Print Econoleal Tote Bag Product Card CNNU.jpg

mr porter

Made from a strong yet lightweight recycled nylon material called EcoNeel, Wilson originally bought it as an everyday bag and carry-on tote for travel. “I’ve brought it to the jungles of Costa Rica and the streets of New York,” she explains. “Its multiple ways to carry, endless pockets and minimalist silhouette are practical and easy to mix and match.”

at $140 packer shoes

Nike Air Cucini SE Product Card CNNU.jpg


“These are really dope and I love the silhouette,” shares Johnson. This iconic 2000s Nike shoe was recently brought back, and the clay color is totally fabulous.

at $150 teva

Teva Grotrecca Middle Product Card CNNU.jpg


A classic all-weather hiking boot, this colorful option is made from a strip of recycled material. It’s waterproof and durable, while still being lightweight and breathable for all-day comfort.

$163 at $130 oakley

Oakley I Jacket Redux Product Card CNNU.jpg


“Oakleys are classics, especially in the outdoor community,” explains Johnson, “so they’ll definitely be a gorpor requirement.”

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