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Lodging, condo hotel due for a trio of West Brickell Towers

Plans have been filed with the City of Miami for the third in a trio of mid-rise residential buildings planned for a site in West Brickell.

Owner-developer Smart Corners LLC plans Smart Brickell Luxe, a 23-story mixed-use residential building at 885 SW Third Avenue.

The new building will become home to 74 housing units and 53 residential and condo hotel units.

The city’s Urban Development Review Board recommended approval with conditions.

Ben Fernandez, an attorney representing the developer, said the new building would include food and beverage venues, a gym, an outdoor garden lounge, a business center and a swimming pool.

The property occupies approximately 0.46 acres at the northeast corner of Southwest Third Avenue and Southwest Ninth Street.

He said the property is adjacent to a transit-oriented development area and close to the Brickell Metrorail and Metromover stations.

The new building will have a floor area of ​​192,808 square feet, including 1,825 square feet of commercial space in front of the lobby areas at the corner, as well as an additional 949 square feet of commercial space along Southwest Ninth Street.

In a letter, Mr. Fernandez wrote, “The amenity level at the top of the podium also provides an additional commercial space of approximately 2,364 square feet, and a smaller commercial area on the ninth floor that serves as a facility for the gym.” Will Work. , The rest of the floor area is devoted to residential and housing uses.

The new building will provide an eight-story podium with a mezzanine, and the podium is lined with livable units along the Third Avenue frontage, he said.

The neighboring two mid-rise buildings share the podium level in design.

Within the third building, the hotel units are on the lower level, and the condo hotel and residential units are in the tower area above the gym on the ninth floor.

The developer is requesting an exemption to the zoning code that will allow:

■ 30% reduction in required parking within a half-mile radius of a transit corridor. The parking podium provides 74 spaces.

■ Replacement of one commercial loading berth with two residential berths.

■ Reducing the width of the driveway from 23 feet to 21 per cent.

■ Entrance from the main façade.

Jinard Studio is the project architect.

“You have a beautiful building,” said board president Ignacio Paramuy.

“It’s a lot of building for a very small site,” board member Anthony Zamatzis said.

Board member Gia Zapattini said, “The corner is a missed opportunity to do something special. It looks weird… It’s not the same language, seems out of place.”

Mr. Fernandez said that the third building and the podium were designed differently with the aim of distinguishing them from the first two buildings.

He told the board, “We tried to get away from the West Brickell stucco look… It’s different. It was done to be different. We were trying to improve upon that.”

Board member Agustín Barrera said, “I like the wording of the new tower but it’s so drastic (a change), it’s like a struggle. I would like to see it not be so opposite.”

He admitted that it is a very challenging venue due to space constraints.

The first motion recommending approval failed on a 3-3 tie vote, which normally requires the developer to return the following month.

But a motion to cancel the first vote passed, and a new motion to recommend approval with conditions passed by a vote of 4-2.

The conditions are that the developer considers redesigning the new podium to be more harmonious as a third building and to break up the overall mass.

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