• Two Maine women went out for a walk on the Main Mall on February 21.
  • The women got lost and then their vehicle got stuck in the snow on an unpaved road.
  • He spent several days inside the SUV before being rescued on Sunday.

Two Maine women spent days trapped in a snow-covered SUV as temperatures plunged to -15 degrees before search crews found them safe this week.

Tosham Police Chief Mark Hagen said Kimberly Pushard and Angela Bussell were headed to the Main Mall on February 21, about 30 miles from where they live in Tosham, Maine.

The women were traveling in a red 2012 Jeep Compass when they became lost and became the subject of a warning for missing vulnerable adults. The SUV eventually got stuck in deep snow, forcing the women to spend several nights inside the truck.

Officers were able to obtain video from local businesses as the women stopped on their travels and were able to track their cell phone movement.

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