Margherita College is the most prestigious college standing in the town of Margherita established in the year 1978. It has three faculty courses and over 19 departments. There are over 2000+ students with developed facilities.


The college has its official website @ Margherita College. It was found that on the evening of 19th September their official website was been hacked by hacker DIM1337 who claimed himself to be a Kashmiri citizen demanding his rights through hacking this page. He wrote an emotional note on the website and appealed the people to stand for Kashmir. He readily shared his own information and even admitted to his crimes and wanted freedom of life.

Margherita College website hacked

The site already had a lot of technical difficulties available in the site. The hacker took this as a good opportunity to exploit the vulnerabilities and barge into the website expressing his appeal to the people. The hacker even mentioned his telegram account in the website @dim1337xo which is verified to be a correct Id.

Margherita College website Hacker

The main issue out here is that the website had an easy access and issues which enabled the hacker to hack through the system. The security system of the website should be strong so that there are no opportunities given to anyone to deliberately hack through it. The website consists of a lot of confidential datas and information for which the security system should have high security.

Hopefully it was restored within an short amount of time and according to our observation the website was restored to its original soon after the telegram account of the hacker went offline.