On 5th October 2021, a new hospital building has been inaugurated at Tirap Gate State Dispensary under Margherita subdivision for which  MLA of Margherita, Shri Bhaskar Sharma was invited as the Chief Guest for the inauguration program.

Bhaskar Sharma Inaugurating Tirap Gate
Credits: G News Assam

The new building is donated by Shri Haren Gogoi in the memory of his late father Jatin Gogoi. Near about 25 lakhs rupees were invested for the construction of this building which was inaugurated by Bhaskar Sharma. At the inauguration program there were almost 25-30 people who witnessed this moment along with Mr. Jatin Gogoi’s family.

Bhaskar Sharma addressed the media and the crowd and stated that the main aim of the building will be to give efficient hospital service in the smaller area near by Lekhapani locality with all the best facilities available. This would provide a greater help to the local with easy availability of help when needed.

Bhaskar Sharma Inaugurating Tirap Gate New Building
Credits: G News Assam

After the inauguration program Shri Bhaskar Sharma interacted with media where he expressed his feeling regarding the building, he said that this types of development works should be done in smaller localities which helps in the development of the region as well as ensures welfare for the long run. He also thanked Shri Haren Gogoi for his quality work and efforts for the successful construction of the building.

After this Shri Haren Gogoi interacted with media and gave a brief information about the new building which stated that around 25 lakh rupees involved in the construction of the building and many new tools which were earlier not available in the hospital has been arranged which would not effect the treatment of the patients.
At last he said that in future, “We will do more selfless work which will help the society to develop more.”

New Hospital Building in Tirap Gate
Credits: G News Assam

Mr. Haren Gogoi also mentioned of introducing all the required latest technologies as well as x-ray machine to the new building.