On the evening of 8th October 2021, Margherita police officers seized a truck overloaded with coal from Baragolai’s Mati Khad line’s British Kumar’s coal depot.
The number plate of the truck seized was found to be PB 19 C 9684. In this situation where the production and transport of coal had been halted the truck took this opportunity of sneaking in and running off after loading the truck with coal. However the plan failed and the truck was caught by the police in-charge of that area.

Coal Loaded Truck found in Margherita
After a brief investigation it was found that the mastermind behind the deed was a resident of Ledo named Deepankar who was arrested by the police along with the driver and the handyman and taken to Margherita Police Station.

Coal Loaded Truck in Margherita
After the media talked to one of the person among the two people arrested they came to know that the person came from Kushal Nagar in Margherita and he took the opportunity to sneak and steal the coal. He denied to name the person who payed him  to do this work. When asked about the amount of coal he stole he told them that it was just more than half of the truck. The media person asked him about the amount of coal still left in the depot then he said that there was about 2 trucks full of coal still available in the area.

The accused as well as the other two people are kept in the police station for further investigation and won’t be released until and unless the full outlook of the matter is well known.