Will it really be impossible to see popular singer Zubeen Garg on the stage? That is the question that is bothering many now. Zubeen Garg has announced that he will not be performing at the Bihu function from next year after Chief Minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sharma recently called on everyone to refrain from collecting donations.

The cultural programs of many Bihu Samiti of Assam are seen to be held on the basis of donations. But after the Chief Minister’s announcement to stop the money donation system typically known as chanda culture in the state, there was a backlash in various quarters. But in the midst of this, a statement by popular vocalist Zubeen Garg has made everyone think. The only question on everyone’s mind right now is whether Zubeen Garg will not be performing on Bihu function from next year?

Zubeen Garg, the singing sensation and an icon of Assam, stated on Monday that he will stop performing at Bihu festivities starting next year after he turns 50. Zubeen responded to Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma’s announcement of a change in Bihu systems that requests organisers not to force businesses for donations and announces a grant of Rs 1.5 lakh to Bihu committees which are over 10 years old & hold Bihu functions in the first week of Bohag month, by saying that if they want to alter the system, they should modify it as the sudden change in the system will bring a lot of difficulties for the artists.

After Zubeen’s announcement regarding not performing on Bihu functions stirred up quite an uproar among his fans and the public of Assam and he also mentioned that he doesn’t believe in faith and doesn’t know what would happen in the future and this sudden no collection of chanda would lead to great difficulties so next year when he turns 50, he won’t be performing on Bihu function stage anymore.