Prime Minister Narendra Modi will exchange views with students, teachers and parents across the country at the 5th Pariksha Pe Charcha 2022 on April 1. Exam Pay is one of the most awaited annual events, with great enthusiasm and zest, where PM answers to the questions asked by the students in the context of Exam Stress and other relevant areas which the young generation students are facing.

It is learned that the fifth volume of the Pariksha Pe Charcha will be held at 11 a.m. at the Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi. The event will be attended by millions of students, teachers and parents from home and abroad. Students, teachers and parents who will answer the PM’s question have been selected through an online creative writing competition based on public content. The competition was held on the Mygov stage from 26 December 2021 to 3 February 2022. It may be recalled that 15.6 lakh contestants had registered for this year’s Creative Writing Competition. Participants selected for the competition through Mygov will be provided with a Certificate of Appreciation and a Special Exam Practice Kit with Exam Warriors Book written by the Prime Minister.

It is to be noted that the practice of Pariksha Pe Charcha has become a popular event in which the Prime Minister exchanges views with the students on a regular basis. The Pariksha Pe Charcha program can be viewed online not only in India but also in other countries of Indian descent. The practice of Pariksha Pe Charcha is part of the larger movement of ‘Exam Warriors’ led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to create a stress-free environment among the younger generation. This is a movement in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi has tried to bring together students, teachers, parents and society in a healthy environment so that every child celebrates in all directions, all the issues are well expressed.

This program will be aired on Doordarshan (DD National, DD News, DD India), Radio Channel, TV Channel, MyGovIndia, DPNews, RajyaSabha TV, pmoindia, RajyaSabha TV etc.