On 12th October 2021, Tuesday, the  office of Mazdia- Garemari Nawa- Jagaran Mancha had been inaugurated in Mazdia of Barpeta by the new generation’s aspiring dentist Jeherul Islam.

After that the Nawa- Jagaran’s president and retired teacher Syed Latibur Rehman and Nawa- Jagaran’s editor Mr. Hamidul Islam presided over the office and described and informed the people about the main aim and objectives for the development of the office.

A resident of Garemari gaon, Mr Shekhar Ali, gave a brief speech on corruption, illegal activities and social evils and how to get rid of it and the help that will be provided by the Nawa- Jagaran to fight against this evils, in the presence of the Nawa- Jagaran members and the locals present there.

The president of the Nawa- Jagaran Mr Syed Latibur Rehman addressed the people and described the aims of the association and said “Today the office of Nawa-Jagaran was inaugurated and through this platform we all will try our best to reduce the different forms of social evils, corruption, drug-addiction by providing them solutions and work diligently for the people and help the people to prosper in their life and make the society better. I believe that we can eradicate the inhuman conduct, corruption and drug addiction from the society. Today we the members of the Nawa-Jagaran plead the people not to get involve in inhuman activities and lead a good life. ”

The aspiring Dentist Mr. Jeherul Islam spoke to the public where he pointed out the drawbacks of the society and said  “If we could save even two of the individual from the harm they would cause to themselves by getting themselves involved in evil deeds then it would be worth it. The honour of Mazdia has been prevailing from a long time in cultural, sports and many other fields. Now the coming generations  from this area should be protected from the growing corruption, drug-addiction and inhuman conducts so that the name of the society keeps on growing and prevailing throughout the generations.”

The Nawa- Jagaran plans to eradicate corruption, social evils, drug addiction and inhuman conducts of the society which would lead to a peaceful and happy life of the people.