Madhya Pradesh School Education Minister Inder Singh Parmar on Tuesday said the state government will soon take a call on banning the hijab in schools. He says wearing hijab in schools will be banned. Only dress code will apply at school to create a sense of equality and discipline among the students. Hijab is not a part of school dress. The school education department will inspect the school in this regard. It is pertinent to note that in Karnataka, there is already a controversy over allowing the wearing of hijab.

The minister said while speaking to reporters, “Hijab is not a part of uniform and, therefore, I feel it should be banned. We will review the situation and take a call. A strict uniform dress code will be implemented in MP within the coming days. Our sons and daughters should abide by the school uniform while coming to schools and only then will there be the sense of equality any discipline. There is no objection to people wearing the hijab while stepping out of their homes. But in schools, there should be a sense of equality and so a uniform dress code is required.

However, Congress MLA from Bhopal Arif Masood stated his opinion and said the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) ministers shouldn’t mix politics with education as it would do more harm than good. “BJP leaders are bringing politics in every issue. If they take any decision of putting a ban on wearing hijab, we will stage protest against it and will not allow that oppressive order to come into force,” he said

Meanwhile, a hearing is underway in Karnataka high court on a clinch of petitions against schools not allowing girls wearing hijab to attend classes or enter educational institutions on Tuesday. This matter is of high concern now that other states have started speaking over this matter.